Map of the hydrogen refuelling station network in Spain

The Spanish network of hydrogen refuelling stations is growing rapidly. By 2025, 18 public and 14 private hydrogen refuelling stations are expected to be in operation in Spain, and there are plans to significantly expand this infrastructure in the coming years.
Companies such as Naturgy and Repsol are leading projects to increase the number of hydrogen refuelling stations. Naturgy, for example, is planning to set up 38 hydrogen stations across the country by 2025.

The map shows the open hydrogen stations

As this is a small hydrogen refuelling station network, it is advisable to contact the staff responsible for operating the hydrogen stations to find out about the supply conditions. In some of them, an appointment is required.

Supply and contact conditions

Please note that the data displayed may be subject to change. It is therefore recommended that you contact the hydrogen refuelling station before refuelling at the selected facility.

Contacts for hydrogen refuelling stations in Spain

1AJUSAajusa@ajusa.es0034 967216212
2IBERDROLAxribas@evarm.com0034 932809972
3CNH2info@cnh2.es0034 926420682
4FHAinfo@hidrogenoaragon.org0034 974215258
5SCALE GASinfo@scalegas.com0034 913832215
6EXOLUMinfo@exolum.com0034 917746000
7VALENCIA PORTsac@valenciaport.com0034 963939555

List of hydrogen refuelling stations in Spain

If you would like to see the list of hydrogen refuelling stations in Spain, please click on the following link:


Last update: 14 May 2024