Map of the hydrogen station network in USA

Current Location of Hydrogen Stations

In recent years, the number of public hydrogen stations in the United States has grown significantly, mainly in states like California, where the highest concentration of these infrastructures is located. California is currently home to more than 90% of the country's hydrogen stations, with strategic locations in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Other states such as New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts have also begun developing their own hydrogen station networks, although on a much smaller scale. These stations are typically located in urban areas and on key transportation corridors to facilitate the use of hydrogen vehicles for both personal and commercial use.

Future Expansion Plans

The future of hydrogen stations in the United States looks promising thanks to a series of initiatives and strategic plans aimed at expanding this infrastructure nationwide. One of the main objectives is to increase the number of hydrogen stations to 200 by 2025, with a view to reaching a much higher number by 2030.

The US Department of Energy has launched several financing programs and public-private partnerships to support the construction of new hydrogen stations. These efforts are aimed at creating a national network that connects the main transportation routes and facilitates access to hydrogen in different regions of the country.

Benefits and Challenges

The expansion of hydrogen stations offers numerous benefits, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, hydrogen vehicles have advantages such as fast recharging times and greater range compared to traditional electric vehicles.

However, the implementation of this infrastructure is not without challenges. High installation and maintenance costs, along with the need to develop an efficient supply chain for hydrogen, are some of the main obstacles that must be overcome. Despite these challenges, collaboration between government, industry and research organizations is paving the way for a more sustainable future.


The network of public hydrogen stations in the United States is in a stage of growth and development. With a current concentration primarily in California, future plans seek to expand this infrastructure nationally, supported by government policies and strategic collaborations. As these stations become more accessible, hydrogen could play a crucial role in the transition to cleaner, more efficient transportation.

Contacts for hydrogen stations in USA

1University of California Irvine800-224-2724
2Shell - Torrance833-743-5542
3Messer - Emeryville866-384-4829
4Air Products and Chemicals Inc - Los Angeles800-224-2724
5True Zero - Cupertino844-878-9376
6True Zero - Campbell - Winchester844-878-9376
7True Zero - Harris Ranch844-878-9376
8True Zero - Costa Mesa - Harbor Blvd844-878-9376
9True Zero - Hayward844-878-9376
10True Zero - La Canada Flintridge844-878-9376
11True Zero - Fremont844-878-9376
12True Zero - Lake Forest844-878-9376
13True Zero - Long Beach844-878-9376
14True Zero - Hollywood Blvd844-878-9376
15True Zero - Lincoln Blvd844-878-9376
16True Zero - Mill Valley844-878-9376
17True Zero - Thousand Oaks844-878-9376
18True Zero - Del Mar844-878-9376
19True Zero - San Jose - N First St844-878-9376
20True Zero - Santa Barbara844-878-9376
21True Zero - Saratoga844-878-9376
22True Zero - South Pasadena844-878-9376
23True Zero - South San Francisco844-878-9376
24True Zero - Truckee844-878-9376
25Air Products and Chemicals Inc - Lawndale800-224-2724
26Iwatani - San Ramon866-384-4829
27Iwatani - Mountain View866-384-4829
28Iwatani - San Juan Capistrano866-384-4829
29Air Products and Chemicals Inc - Santa Monica800-224-2724
30Air Products and Chemicals Inc - Woodland Hills800-224-2724
31Ramos Oil Co - Iwatani - Shell866-384-4829
33True Zero - Sherman Oaks844-878-9376
34True Zero - Sunnyvale 
35True Zero - Oakland844-878-9376
36True Zero - San Diego - Mission619-297-1534
37True Zero - Campbell - East Hamilton Ave844-878-9376
38True Zero - Studio City844-878-9376
39True Zero - Mission Hills844-878-9376
40True Zero - Fountain Valley844-878-9376
41South Coast Air Quality Management District - Diamond Bar800-224-2724
42True Zero - Concord844-878-9376
43True Zero - Placentia844-878-9376
44True Zero - Aliso Viejo844-878-9376
45True Zero - Baldwin Park844-878-9376
46True Zero - San Jose - Snell Ave844-878-9376
47True Zero - Orange844-878-9376
48True Zero - Costa Mesa - Bristol St844-878-9376
49True Zero - Burbank844-878-9376
50Iwatani - Corona866-384-4829
51Iwatani - Hawaiian Gardens866-384-4829
52True Zero - Oakland844-878-9376
53True Zero - Pasadena844-878-9376
54Shell - Sacramento888-380-5259
55Iwatani - Seal Beach866-384-4829
56Iwatani - Santa Ana866-384-4829

List of hydrogen stations in USA

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Last update: 14 May 2024